Da Lat in Vietnam – The Exotic Place for Romantic Photography Experience

Da Lat in Vietnam is the well-known old French hill station located in Lang Biang Plateau in the South of the country. Thanks to the temperate climate so French turned Da Lat to be the popular place for them to get away from the heat in Saigon and Mekong Delta, that now can be seen by many beautiful French villas still existing in this city. Da Lat is so called “The city of mist” or “The city of thousand flowers” and now still is very popular place for the lovers or honeymooner come for holiday thank to the romantic scenery and cool climate of the city. You can find the flowers anywhere in this city, from the big farm to the small corner of the street, that also creates very special character for the city. The beautiful landscape of the mountain, pine forest, waterfall and beautiful lake with local villages of hill tribe people also can make Da Lat to be one of the most ideal places for photography tour in Vietnam. Hereunder the highlights for taking pictures in Da Lat Vietnam.

Da Lat in Vietnam – The Exotic Place for Romantic Photography Experience

Da Lat in Vietnam – The Exotic Place for Romantic Photography Experience

Popular places for taking photograph in Da Lat

Da Lat Railway Station

Da Lat Railways Station is considered to be one of the most beautiful railway stations in South East Asia. Constructed by French from hundred year ago, the station still keeping it’s original architecture with the glass window imported from France. The station still keeps the old steam locomotive that still taking passenger for the trip of 7 kms from the station to Trai Mat.

Tran Hung Dao Street in Da Lat

Tran Hung Dao Street in Da Lat is the most beautiful street of original French villas with old pine trees. This is very good place for taking photograph of French influences in this hill station from the past.

Linh Phuoc Pagoda

Linh Phuoc Pagoda is located about 5 kms from central of the city. The scenery along the way driving there also worth for many photo stops, that you can have the overview of the city and local vegetable and flower farm on the road side. The pagoda also has the impressive dragon made from 12 thousands of beer bottles.

Cable car to Truc Lam monastery

You can have the great panorama view of Da Lat on this ride that will be concluded by the impressive view of Truc Lam Monastery and Tuyen Lam Lake at the end of the trip.

Waterfalls in Da Lat

Da Lat is the place with many beautiful waterfalls located all around the city that also can create great condition for photograph. There are some famous waterfall such as Prenn, Pongour, Datanla, Camly and Elephant waterfall… So do not forget that landscapes are of course a highlight of Da Lat photography tour !

Truc Lam Monastery

Truc Lam Monastery is the central of Buddhism in Da Lat with beautiful flower garden and impressive construction of Buddhist temple. It would be great if you are there on their ceremony at the temple.

Truc Lam Monastery in Da Lat Vietnam

Truc Lam Monastery in Da Lat Vietnam

Tuyen Lam Lake

Tuyen Lam Lake is romantically located near Truc Lam monastery. You can take the great shots of the lake from above, near the monastery or take the boat trip on the lake for another shot.

Xuan Huong Lake

Xuan Huong Lake is the most well-known lake in Da Lat, located right in the central of the town. The best time for taking photograph of the lake is early in the morning, when the lake is so romantic in the mist with the best light condition in the dawn with many activities of local people around the lake.

Lang Biang Mountain

Lang Biang Mountain is the tallest mountain in Da Lat that can provide you the panorama view of the area.

Local villages of hill tribe people

Da Lat is also the area of hill tribe people and their villages are also the perfect venues for taking photograph such as Lat Village or Chicken village (Lang Con Ga).

The central of Da Lat city

This area included the Da Lat Market, the church, a part of Xuan Huong Lake as well as old French hotels such as Da Lat Palace or Da Lat Hotel Du Parc. All in the waking distance and you can see many different aspects of Da Lat.

Love Valley

Love Valley is one of the most romantic venues in Da Lat with beautiful Da Thien Lake, many streams winding under the shade of beautiful pine forest.

The best time to take photograph in Da Lat

As the diversity of the places for taking photograph so you can take the photo of Da Lat in any time of the year, but the spring time can be the best time for photograph with many flowers blossoming in all over of the city.

How many days for photograph tour in Da Lat ? The ideal stay for taking photograph in Da Lat could be between 2 and 4 days in the city.

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