The Most Beautiful Beach Holiday Destinations in Cambodia

Cambodia should be your next destination to explore in Indochina. There are numerous reasons why you’re advised to visit this laid-back country in the first place. One of the best highlights is the beautiful beach for the exhilarating holiday when you’re free to say out loud the inner anxiety and let go of them. Let us draw your attention to the top beach holiday destinations in Cambodia.

Sihanoukville Cambodia

Sihanoukville Cambodia

#1: Sihanoukville – ideal for relaxation

The beach of Sihanoukville (also named Krong Preah Seihanu) is an existing gem of Cambodia. With the completely blue seawater, ranges of the green coconuts, and peaceful serenity, this beach is surely ideal for any relaxation. It is noticeable that the modern Sihanoukville is featured with many impressive accommodation buildings, from the bungalow resorts to the affordable guesthouses. With 10 days Cambodia tour program, travelers love to spend days in this untamed beach.

#2: Koh Tang – ideal for freedom

For anybody considered themselves as the escapists, Koh Tang Island in Cambodia is a right place. In a shape of the little dolphin, the island is home to very few islanders who live together with roosters and dogs. The tranquil and primitive beauty of this unspoiled beach brings you out of the fantasy world. You’re free to become a daydreamer there.

#3: Koh Rong – Ideal destination for couples

The young beach lovers all admire Koh Rong, even before they explore it. Simply Google about Koh Rong, you come up with numerous bewitching photos and words about a beach paradise. In fact, this beach is packed with the backpackers who cherish the primeval charm and fresh nature. Trekking to this attraction is what many young souls like to do. They fall in love with the paradisiac beach, twilight phosphorescence, and lush trees.

#4: Koh Rong Samloem – Ideal for full moon celebration

For a full moon party on the beach, it’s motivating to visit Samloem. With the tranquil serenity, this beach site ensures you to celebrate the upbeat parties with great seafood and music. You find many bungalows available to stay overnight to handle your hangover if any. In a quiet beach, everybody is free to live with the true self.

#5: Koh Ta Kiev – Ideal for camping in warmness

What could be warmer and more memorable than camping on the beautiful beach? And, Koh Ta Kiev is the best address for beach camping. It takes an hour boating to the beach from the mainland. Then, prepare for your camping with tent, food & drink, etc. But before the night, it’s exciting to try jungle trekking, tasting Khmer food, snorkeling, and fishing. Your time in Koh Ta Kiev is full of joy and fun. No stress, just play and feel happy!

#6: Koh Thmei – Ideal for bird watching

Belonging to Ream National Park, the attraction of Koh Thmei is usually referred to as the dense and gorgeous mangrove forest or the ecotourism site. With the peaceful, green environment, this address appears to be the home to many bird species. Just like the old saying “Birds come to good land,” travel to Koh Thmei if you like watching hundreds of bird flying above the blue sea. What’s more, know that this venue offers the enjoyable activities of snorkeling to contemplate the colorful coral reefs and kayaking to the uninhabited island. It seems to be the different world there, with no noise, no stress, and no jam.

#7: Koh Tonsay (Rabbit Island) – ideal for resting under spidery coconut palms

The Rabbit Island welcomes the beach fanciers to cherish its light sand bank, and especially the spidery coconut palms. As the island is rich in the beach and green coconuts, it stands out as the wonder for everybody to rest and unwind. Also, don’t ignore the pastimes of trekking, snorkeling, and eating the fresh crabs!

Let’s discover at lest one of the Most Beautiful Beach Holiday Destinations in Cambodia while traveling to Indochina!

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