5 Best Adventure Destinations in Laos to Discover

Laos offers a delightful pace for any traveler from world corners. This little Southeast Asian country is blessed with spectacular nature, ranging from the dense forests and rustic mountains to the stunning waterfalls. It is an awesome destination for the thrill-seekers to explore and play. If you’re looking for venturesome travel, here are five best adventure destinations in Laos.

Biking in Vanvieng Laos

Biking in Vanvieng Laos

#1: Luang Prabang – Charming destination to see in Laos

The most favorably charming attraction to see in Laos, Luang Prabang is a UNESCO World Heritage site – the big pride of the Laos residents. The site is nestled on the confluence of Mekong River and Nam Khan River, offering the spectacular scenery. The wide array of Buddhist pagodas and monasteries is great to discover. Adventurously, it’s inspiring to trekking through the jungle to reach Luang Prabang’s waterfalls like Kuang Si Waterfall and Tad Sae Waterfall. The activity of riding elephant also sounds exciting. What the lovely city can please the tourists can be available at Mount Phousi and Pak Ou Cave. Furthermore, the thrill-seeking gourmets might want to try the fried Mekong River moss, which is a local culinary icon.

#2: Vang Vieng – Laos Adventure Destinations for Backpacker

As a backpacker-oriented place, Vang Vieng is full of essentials for Laos tour 10 days. The land provides dozens of opportunities to try the highly inviting activities like tubing (the young player sites in a large inner tube floating downriver). Also, you will desire to kayaking on Nam Song River, rock climbing, hot-air balloon, or swimming and diving in Blue Lagoon. The gifts of romantic rivers, dreamlike karst mountain, enigmatic caves, beautiful lagoon, etc. make Vang Vien a piece of paradise for adventure and excitement. You might also like to experience homestay at Hmong villages. The overnight stay teaches you much about the Hmong lifestyle, culture, and custom. Vang Vieng is just ideal for fulfilling your venturesome spirit.

#3: Luang Namtha – Remote Destination for Laos Explorer

With the challenging terrain for trekking, Luang Namtha is rumored to be a touristy trekking mecca in the northwest of Laos for the adventurers. In fact, the backpackers do love trekking into the hills to see the ethnic hill tribe villages, the dense forests and picturesque waterfalls in the “mecca.” You might find it hard to resist the urge to enjoy walking or biking towards the nearby ethnic villages and the dreamlike waterfalls from the town. It is feasible to rent a mountain bike or motorcycle to do this. Broadly, the hair-raising things to do in Luang Nam Tha are trekking, visiting Namha National Protected Area, walking, biking, visiting minority villages, trying Laos sauna & message, and enjoying Laos food in night markets.

#4: Si Phan Don (4,000 islands) – Laos Kayaking and Biking Destination

The captivating set of 4,000 islands in the South of Laos is the paradise for a beach holiday. The adventure-dedicated travelers can particularly enjoy the pastimes of kayaking and biking in Si Phan Don’s dense jungles, or boating to the three highlights namely Don Khong, Don Det, Don Khon Islands. Each of the islands is competent with the ideal settings of waterfalls, forests, ancient temples and French-built bridges for the adventurous discovery.

#5: Phonsavan – Mysterious Attraction of Plain of Jars

The name of Phonsavan refers to the belief that this is “hills of paradise.” Remarkably, there stands out the historical and mysterious attraction of Plain of Jars with more than 1.900 jars. The antique megalithic structures of the jars appeal to the scientists and thrill-seeking worldwide. Moreover, Phonsavan itself preserves the remnants of Siam, Thailand, and French since this destination used to be put under these forces. As the local event, Phonsavan hosts bullfights when it comes to Hmong New Year. Clearly, there are many other curious things like War Memorials, Nong Tang Lake, Muang Kham Hot Springs, Tad Ka Waterfall, and Ban Napia Village to explore in Phonsavan.

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