The Hype Is Real – Vacation to Myanmar !

As traveling becomes easy and air fare is getting cheaper there are more and more destinations that are becoming accessible these days. However, people tend to be afraid of experimentation, and choose a destination that is common. This is not good, because you might be missing out on one of the best destinations around the world. I am talking about Myanmar. If you want to travel to Myanmar,(also known as Burma), you can contact a Burma travel agency to know about Burma holiday packages. There are many reasons to travel to Myanmar by choosing one of the Myanmar tour packages available.vacation to myanmar

Firstly, when you think about a tour to any destination, what comes to mind is budget. Burma can be very light on the pocket. This is mainly because of two factors. One is that the government is trying to promote tourism by keeping the rates very competitive. After all, it has to compete with more popular destinations like Thailand. The second reason is the value of Burmese kyat (the currency of Burma). One US dollar is equal to around 1200 Burmese kyat. This figure, I am sure, will significantly tip the scales in favor of taking Myanmar travel and tours. You get to go to a destination where very few people from your circle would have visited. You will have stories to share.

Another factor which is in favor of traveling to Myanmar is that its history is intriguing. It was ruled by the British from 1824 to 1948, and you can see the colonial influence on this country. The best pace to see this is Yangon, which was the former capital of Burma. In Yangon, you can see the difference in different parts of the city from street shops to posh skyscrapers. If you wish to see religious sites, there are various Buddhist pagodas to visit. One of the best places to see in this city is the Strand Hotel. Built in 1901, the hotel gives you the experience of colonial era in Burma containing many pictures from that time. You can also see the long hanging fans and old table lamps still in use here. It is advised that you take a tour of this city by foot, as you don’t know which building would catch your eye. As it was ruled by the British, English is a second language in this country, spoken by 2.4 million people. It is advisable to take the help of travel and tour managers when visiting rural areas. Myanmar also has a number of rivers and lakes.

If you want to enjoy something luxurious on your trip to Burma, you can opt for a Myanmar river cruise. River cruises are best way to see a place in Myanmar if you don’t want to get into the detail of each and every structure. You can just stand on the deck or see from inside the cruise as you sail past many Pagodas, markets and villages.

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