France and Italy – Romantic and Luxury Shopping Destinations

Except for a wonderful and distinctive wedding, choosing the place for your once – in – lifetime honeymoon is also an important decision because it will be one of the most unforgettable memory in your life.

Coming from careful searching and my own expectation as well, I am glad to introduce you two of the most passionate countries in the world for couples: France and Italy

Paris, France

paris france

There is no doubt that the magnificent capital of Paris in France always receives a large number of ballots for the best attractive destination on earth. It is rare for other places in the world to have so as many popular and high – appreciated architectural buildings in the same city as Paris.

Eiffel Tower

This tower built in 1889 for the World Exhibition has become a symbol of Paris in particular and France in general. Eiffel tower or “The iron lady” is divided four floors to serve tourists. The first is the foot of the tower, also is the place of some souvenir shops. The second and the third floor, which is at the length of 57,63m and 115, 73 m in turn, have two well-known restaurants called Altitude 95 and Jules Verne. Imagine that you and your lover enjoy a stunning meal and amazing beauty of Paris from one of floors in Eiffel Tower. What an astonishing perceive!

The Avenue des Champs – Elysees

This avenue is 1,915 m in length and 70m in width, which starts from Louvre and pass through many other attractive ones such as Grande Roué in Concorde Square. This is also the most attractive place to foreign people because of the focus of many restaurants, coffee shops or theaters, etc. Additionally, if coming here at the true time, tourists can see and take part in some such big events as Parade on 14th of July or Tour de France, a famous bicycle race, etc

The Palace of Versailles

If Eiffel Tower is the icon of France’s iron industry, The Palace of Versailles is the representation of France King‘s power. To the tourist’s amazement, The Palace has total area up to 67,000 square meters, including over 2000 rooms and a huge park of 815 ha. Taking amazing photo with their mates in the massive and splendid beauty of the Palace may be an expectation of every couple. Among rooms, the Hall of mirrors is the largest ones which covered by 17 massive mirrors.


Venice Italy

Being the country which has the most numbers of heritages recognized by UNESCO, it is not a surprise to know that Italy is one of the best beautiful countries in all over the world.

If you are enthusiastic about ancient and monumental buildings, do not postpone visiting following spots

Leaning Tower of Pisa

The construction of this tower was started in 1173 to show the wealth and sufficient of the city of Pisa. Because of wars, the construction was interrupted some times and finally finished until 1360 – 1370. The tower belongs to an architectural religious complex that includes church, chapel and grave.

According to the first design, the tower was normal as other ones. However, in construction progress, due to subsidence, the tower leaned about 5 degrees and it is a special thing that attracts millions people coming here each year. Everyone would like to admire the real miracle that seems to match with the name of place, in which it was located, “Pizza Dei Miracoli” or the field of magical things.

Colosseum Arena

With the holding of 50,000 to 80,000 audiences, Colosseum becomes one of the largest working built in Roman Empire, in 70AD under the reign of Vespasian. Through over 1000 years old, the stories and mystery about Colosseum still are big attraction to scientist and visitors when reaching there.

The arena has a huge shape of oval both outside and inside. There are many stairs going around its shape and being higher and higher. Under the floor of the arena, they are complex systems of rooms and spaces for wild, dangerous animals and equipments for battles.

However, referring to Italy, people usually think about something romantic and gentle. As a result, Italy also has such charming places that help couples heating up their relationship.


It will be a big mistake if you go to Italy without reaching Venice in which having everything that the most wonderful honeymoon needs. In reality, this is a floating city which in the northeastern of Italy that includes hundreds of canals linked together by bridges. The most popular way of moving in Venice is walking. By this, you will have a chance to go into small alleys and buy the same souvenir or products in small shops as in big mall. The other ways are boat, water taxi or water boat. Although it is not easier than the above manner, these transportations are unique ones in Venice.

Venice is so amazing that when watching photos of ancient buildings covered by clean and blue water or lovely and small bridges, I cannot wait to book a ticket for me and my lover to The City on water.


The last destination I would like to introduce you is a colorful and lovely village located crags forwarding the sea, in La Spezia, Liguria province in the north of Italy.

As a fishing village, Manarola has a small harbor and fishing as traditional job. However, since the beauty of this small is introduced to the world, tourism services have increased faster and faster. Houses an hotels here are painted and decorated by hundreds color that brings the whole villages an interesting and engaging appearance. Despite of having no beach, Manarola still satisfies visitors by ideal swimming holes and exploring ocean activities.

Even though the fact that the love needs nothing but love, I still believe staying together in a great place is the best way to keep your love refresh and endless. Enjoy our destinations – Enjoy your love.

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