Honeymoon To Five Best Sites In Myanmar

Myanmar (also called Burma) is the golden country blessed with the priceless culture, architecture, spirituality, and nature. The wedded couples are now welcomed to visit Myanmar and evaluate its highlights during the Burma honeymoon. Despite the oppressive past, the golden land today grows to be the ideal honeymoon destination. It is fascinating to invest your sweet time in the exotic beach, golden rock, city of thousand temples, etc. The charm of Burma even goes beyond what you have ever imagined.

Honeymoon to Myanmar

Myanmar Honeymoon – What To Expect?

The honeymooners to Myanmar mostly appreciate the Buddhism values incorporated in the Burmese highlights. While the Golden Rock supports the spiritual strength, the Shwedagon Pagoda in Yangon helps ease your mind wholesomely. Besides, the glint of the pagodas in Bagan during the sunrise wins your praises from the very first look. Besides the powerful spirituality, Myanmar assures you and the life mate to relax in comfort and satisfaction as there stand the rich collections of hotels available. The golden land is open to the tourists worldwide and is on the growth as the compelling honeymoon destination. The Myanmar Tour Operator recommend hereunder Five Best Sites In Myanmar for honeymoon trip !

The Five Best Sites For Honeymoon To Myanmar

First, Yangon is the old capital city of Myanmar and the internationally famous metropolis. The tranquility here features the exotic urban landscape, the leafy park, idyllic river, traditional wooden architecture, etc. To ease the congestion in the city center, the mopeds have been banned. The ancient charm of Yangon even goes beyond your imagination regarding its top magical attraction namely the 200-year-old Shwedagon Pagoda. Together pray for the everlasting happiness here! Besides, the gentle walk towards the market and old colonial city leaves you with tons of unique souvenirs.

Second, The Golden Rock in Kyaiktiyo is the awe-inspiring site to feast the eyes spiritually. It attracts both the pilgrims and the honeymooners worldwide. There is a lovely pagoda built on the top of the rock where two of you wish for the undying love.  Please notice that the women are not allowed to touch the holy rock and the visitors must remove their shoes to approach the Golden Rock on foot. The golden leaf convinces you of its magnificence.

Third, Ngapali Beach helps all couples relax and stay closest to nature. The tropical, quiet, and picturesque beach motivates the honeymooners to rest on the white, soft, and pure sand. Walking along the spectacular beach boosts your sweetness to the highest notch. The 2km-strech of heaven offers the great snorkeling, boat trip, delicious seafood, sacred stupas, etc. There is a nice golf course available in this renowned beach.

Couples at Bagan

Fourth, honeymoon to Bagan and you will find lots of the mind-blowing temples. Some of the temples and stupas in Bagan are many hundreds of years old that make Bagan of the most notable historical religious sites in the Southeast Asia. On par with Angkor Wat in Cambodia, Bagan hosts up to 250 ancient temples and pagodas. What could be more thrilling than enjoying the balcony trip on the priceless religious constructions?  Sit on the balcony, gaze out, and indulge yourself with the contemplative silence of the city of thousands of temples!

Fifth, Mandalay (or the City of Gems) is the leafy yet stunning metropolis and religious center. Here, the honeymooners find healthy sense of Buddhism. There also stand the imposing Royal Palace Citadel, Mandalay Hill, night bars, vibrant central market, tea and coffee shops, etc.

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