Ipanema and Canoa Quebrada Beaches where your love sublimates!

Mention to Brazil, they completely think about World cup and football as Brazil’s priority. Nevertheless, you can be surprised because Brazil is also very attractive destination of wonderful beaches and islands for the honeymoon week.

Brazil accounts for a half of South America, every region of this special country has the unique and diversified beauty. Apart from being known-as famous football background, Brazil is the heaven of seductive dances, giant Amazon forest and the famous cities such as Rio de Janeiro and Sao Paulo with ancient architecture and world-renowned destinations.

It is the unique and fantastic features which become the indispensable reasons for the wedding couples who love discovering and exploring. Spending the honeymoon days in Brazil is reliably smart choice.

Ipanema, the most beautiful beach in Rio de Janeiro

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Ipanema Beach, Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Belong to Rio de Janeiro, Ipanema is the most famous beach of the capital in Brazil and over the world. Beach has always attracted honeymoon-couple with long sandy coasts, colored turquoise and row of coconut trees along the coast. Many South America couples come here to enjoy the charming and sexy beauty of Ipanema with sunbathing along the coast and playing volleyball on the beach together.

For the couples coming to Ipanema Beach, you certainly make your half surprised because of the eventful pubs and interesting sporty games on sandy peach. Your dynamic woman is easily infatuated by the great waves, the refresh wind and the wild beauty of this coast. Furthermore, watching and participating in the samba dances are one of the most interesting activities is the eye-exercise which can help you relax a lot after the working-day in the busy city. In addition, it is very exciting for you and a half when you join in the main topics of Brazil boys and girls about showing off hot body, tan, copper color, full of charm like a bikini fashion show. The unique and strange style of bikinis make the girls look charming. Actually, walking hand-in-hand on sand can make your honeymoon-day in Ipanema Beach become really unforgettable.

Ultimately, referring to the Rio de Janeiro carnival cannot ignore the world-famous Carnival of this great city. The vast numbers of tourists from around the world come to Rio de Janeiro – Brazil’s capital to attend this festival every year. This is also a great opportunity for you to experience the new bride as well as the new sublimated emotion that only Brazilian Carnaval can bring. On this occasion, the Brazilian artist uses their own talents and energies to create a jubilant festival. Especially the samba is represented by the most skilful dancers coming from famous Brazil’s school of dancers.

In addition, Rio Carnival is best known for the colorful and vibrant parade of Samba dancers (Samba Parades). Being held annually at the Sambodromo, Samba Parades are the best feature of the festival.

Rio Carnival which is held on the streets but the festival is becoming more and more popular, it was moved to Sambodromo. The school of Samba will go on from one end of the parade route and prolong during 70 minutes on the avenue. You can choose a special place for your lover to enjoy your own interesting moments.

Moreover, as mentioned, referring to Rio we cannot mention to Samba dancers which is an indispensable part of the festival. Not only the dancers but anyone participating in this festival also can select the gorgeous ceremonial dress to feel this marvelous atmosphere of the dances. There is even an official costume contest is held each year at Gloria.

Canoa Quebrada Beach, not to be missed for honeymooner

Canoa Quebrada Beach, Brazil

Canoa Quebrada Beach, Brazil

This dreamlike beach is known as one of the most popular destinations in Ceara all time. You will certainly save your own romantic moment in this attractive beach.

As a unique work of art, Canoa Quebrada beach is surrounded by magnificent red dunes and serene beauty that captivated the hearts of as a distinct architectural unique style only in wonderful natural environment like that. With magic inspiration, both of you will really be impressed by the casual lifestyle, rustic and sincere people here. You and your lover can remind your own first-romantic-moment in the main road of Canoa Quebrada, experience the exciting life together and enjoy the seafood dishes with processing styles with different taste of the local population in Brazil. Get more information via comments on TripAdvisor, click here !

Continuing the journey, the couple is also involved in many activities and entertainment throughout the trip rewarding. You will be attracted to excursions on the vast dunes stretching endlessly carriage, feel new feelings which are much different from sitting in a familiar car. You can teach your beloved one how to fly a kite or learn to control great horses of the hobby that we rarely have the opportunity to perform in the city. Two of you will feel the fresh feeling when you sunbathe in the small bay. It cannot deny that Canoa Quebrada Beach totally creates your own wonderful honeymoon-holiday in Brazil.

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