Vacation for Couples to Chile, Where to go and What to do?

Chile is the well-known country of art and festivals. This place with its own beauty and unique characteristics extremely brings tourists in general and especially the new couples in love a wild beauty and experience great moments in perfect honeymoon.
Stretch between the Andes and the Pacific Ocean, Chile is sometimes called the world’s longest country. The country is no longer than 180 km (112 miles), but the coast of Chile prolongs 4.300km (2.672 miles). The most attractive destinations in Chile are the driest desert in the world, spectacular scenery of glaciers and fjords, volcanoes along the volcanic belt of the Pacific. If you and your partner are lovers of excitement, exploring the new lands, the new customs, Chile is a really smart choice of wonderful honeymoon.

Easter Island

Easter Island in Chile

Easter Island in Chile

One of the most isolated islands in the world, Easter Island is located in the eastern South Pacific. The island is famous for its 887 stone statues called Moai, created by the Rapanui people centuries ago. Nothing surprising sights Moai are overshadowed all the other tourist attractions on the island. But Easter Island is also regarded as the ideal destination for the couples who love diving and great surfing as well as two magnificent craters with a number of white sand beaches.

Tapati festival of Easter Island are held every year in late January and early February, which lasted about one to two weeks to celebrate the Rapa Nui heritage and cultural traditions to introduce its own traditional culture to the whole world. The event attracted a large number of tourists as well as couples on their honeymoon to come to Easter Island than any time during the year. Each day of the festival are filled with boisterous and playful activities such as horse racing, swimming competition. Joining in the festival, the participants wear traditional costumes quite simple. They are decorated with drawings on the face, the body and the top of the cap enclosing feathers.

Moreover, Easter island is not only famous for its multitude of unique large statues scattered across the island of the old left, which is also known as the traditional cultural Tapati festival was preserved to this day. If your lover has fond of sculpture art and the dance, Tapati festival is really for her because here are two other remarkable events of this Tapati festival. If the sculpture brings the historical moments, dance contest brings for festival participants vibrant and magical space. The group of dancers plays music and soaks up the crazy drunk dances. Some individuals are transformed into powerful brave warriors aimed at recreating the history and lifestyle of the ancient Rapa Nui. Two of you completely can rent or buy Chile traditional clothes and portraying the same character to join in this special festival, feel the eventful dances of this land. Certainly, you and your half will get the romantic feeling in the dances, songs and melodies.
Being organized in the early 70s, unlike most other festivals around the world, Tapati is free for all guests who participate in the contest or parade of the festival. Festival will certainly enrich honeymoon in Chile.

Excited with tomato festival in Quillon, Chile

Tomato festival in Quillon, Chile

Tomato festival in Quillon, Chile

Tomato Festival is one of the most popular festivals which are known by many countries around the world. Every year, up to re-schedule, on this occasion, thousands of residents, visitors and especially honeymoon couples who want to mark the moment of the new wedding-day by the very interesting and memorable activities in “tomato wars” in Quillon city of Chile.

The ripe tomatoes are regarded as the weapon of 7000 people in this “Tomato war”. Like other international festivals, this festival usually consumes about 40-50 tons of tomatoes.

Many people have prepared themselves the amount of tomatoes to fight during a day. The tomato growers have voluntarily providing their accomplishments for this event aimed at improving brand-name for their own locally grown crops. Joining this festival, two of you have opportunities to reduce tensions with family and friends. It was a very interesting experience that you get to spend honeymoon in Chile.

Other interests

Many generations of visitors, who are the lovers of art stopped in Valparaíso, coastal city with great climate and space characterized potty-hey-piece
For the couples loving art travelling Chile, Valparaiso are attracted by the charm of romantic area with 42 steep hills from the edge of the sea.
Valparaíso is actually different from other prosperous town in the north of Chile. However, Valparaíso still accepts the explosion of the restaurants, great pubs and fresh beer.

Two of you perfectly wander Valparaíso through the artistic vision of the famous photographer and together explore this great city, where you can store the beautiful moments during the honeymoon in Chile.

Uphill Artillery Tractor
A cable pulling wagons were painted colorfully. Perhaps it is called a lift, and this type of lift appeared in 1893, when it was driven by coal-burning steam engines. You and your lover can take a ticket and experience this exciting activity to visit the artillery in Valparaíso.

Valparaíso Bay
The city is an important seaport of Chile, which used to be known as “the pearl of the Pacific”. Coming to Valparaiso Bay, two of you can choose the ideal place to enjoy overall Valparaiso sight. UNESCO also reconises the Historic Quarter of the Seaport City of Valparaíso as a world heritage, see more here.

The house on the hillside
There are 42 hills steep from the edge of sea in the city. The suburb of Valparaíso is always envisioned vertically. There are many couples coming here to see the beauty of sunset in Chile.

Street Art
The paintings of street artists Valparaíso was hanging on the wall of the sealed house. The street carries the breath of art style somewhat potty-hey-piece. You and your half can take a lot of beautiful and unique pictures.
Graffiti murals
The colorful mural brightens a suburb of Valparaíso. You can explore the beauty of giant pictures as well as the talent of street artists together.

It takes you much effort to go up and go down the outskirts of Valparaiso every day. What is more romantic if you and your half walk hand-in-hand around this steep hill? From here, both of you could get beautiful view of panoramic Pacific Ocean.

Ultimately, different from other destinations, Chile is really attractive and fantastic place for you and your lover to discover the new lands, new culture, new customs as well as the excited festivals. Both of you certainly get the wonderful memory of honeymoon in Chile.

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