Argentina – Buenos Aires, The Wonderful Destination For Your Private Holiday

Argentina is a country of Latin America, where Europeans and North Americans can feel rarely peaceful and charming beauty.
What could be more wonderful when you and your beloved one and enjoy the beautiful natural wonders, the elegant and rustic city, as well as ancient cultures of this country. The silver walls and beautiful cloud will certainly make both of you feel pleased. Argentina remained untouched and seductive beauty though the tourism industry attracts huge number of tourists every year. All of these give Argentina the profound allure.
Argentina not only attracts tourists by traditional burning-tango dances, but also attracts visitors with the antique destinations. During your memorable honeymoon in Argentina, the couple cannot ignore the capital Buenos Aires to admire the dazzling beauty of the world’s largest cities. Located on the south of the celebrities Rio de la Plata, Buenos Aires is known as the city that never sleeps with recreative activities being held throughout the day and night.

You and your half will get the wonderful opportunity to experience a blend of ancient Buenos Aires with the change of modern life.
Here are some suggestions for you and your lover to enjoy the capital of Argentina together, when you step into the land of tango and save the sweet moments of memorable honeymoon.

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Buenos Aires, Argentina

Soak up the football fever at La Bombonera pan fire

For couples who love football, in Buenos Aires, football is not just an ordinary sport but has been upgraded to religion. La Bombonera has a capacity of 60,000 spectators. Both of you actually fall in love with this city’s atmosphere, where people are infatuated in round ball, glued to the TV screen or madly dance on the stadium or drink every time the ball rolling. You need to enjoy football match in La Bombonera stadium in only one time – home of the famed club Atlético Boca Juniors, two of you will certainly get the noteworthy memory in honeymoon in Buenos Aires.

Enjoy coffee in the ancient shop

It is not surprised that Buenos Aires is known as the “Paris of the South”. In addition to the large boulevards, architectural and artistic style is worthy to be compared with the French capital. Buenos Aires also has a coffee-culture which is not alien to French culture.

Shopping in the Sunday morning fair

Certainly, girls also like shopping, let’s your girl be in a nice day to buy items which she likes in this beautiful capital. Last week, the outdoor bazaar welcomes you to peaceful village with everything from antique tea-kettle to silver jewelry, jacket, and handmade leather boots and so o. This is really a paradise of the shoppaholic. Your beloved woman actually full of happiness and satisfied to step in to this heaven of shopping. Moreover, it will save the memories of the two of you in this journey

Sipping wine at the bar

Argentina Wine Center located in the province of Mendoza, where the climate is dry and hot. It is suitable for growing wine grapes. The most famous grape is the Malbec grapes, red wine grapes, and Torrontes, which are secrets of making delicious white wines. It is really a reason creating your own romantic honeymoon. Two of you can walk to every lane of this village and enjoy the best wine together.

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Enjoy the art in Fundación Proa Cafe in La Boca district

If your girl is the lover of art and coffe, Fundacion Proa cafe is really ideal destination. With many fantastic exhibitions, Fundacion Proa Cafe has become a meeting place for people who love art and beauty in Buenos Aires. It can be sure that two of you get sweet memories and memorable days here.

Listen to folk music in the pena (club music)

The musicians performing on stage, the audience was enjoying the reception at the rustic dishes. After the meal, the music party really started when the audience passes the harmonica guitar, 5 strings Charango guitar to each other and show off. You can play a guirar and sing a song to express yourself with the population here and expecially create the surprised thing for your lover in the pena.

Relaxing in center of the capital Buenos Aires

Whatever comes from the vibrant urban in over the world, tourists still need a peaceful place after exhaustion between busy Buenos Aires streets. Just buy some empanada pie and soft drink bottles, the couples can relax after discovering Buenos Aires and had a little picnic lunch in the middle of the park, or spend lazy afternoons rolling amidst greenery.
Ultimately, Argentina in general and Buenos Aires in particular are the ideal destinaion which is worth being spent in honeymoon. This place has full of beautifyl sights, exciting activities, ancient culture and unique custom, which you and your lover can discover together and create your own unforgetable memories.

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