Mexico, Destination Not Only For Adventure and Discovery

If only based on US movie recent years, there is a certain people has a thought that Mexico is well known as “land of drug”, instead of wonderful resort lying across the white sand coastline or historical and ancient construction, etc. The place is also considered as a can-not-be-missed location for honeymoon time. Just married and enjoy the best time of your life in amazing destinations listed above in Mexico.

Mexico City – The city of Love

Mexico City

Mexico City

It would be a huge mistake to think that only young people with romance kiss lasted for half hour knows what love is. In Mexico City, there is love in every corner of life, every grey hair of elderly. The Glorieta de Insurgentes Square, where you can easily encounter many chivalry guitarists with the lyrical rhythm, is a symbol of the city. Therefore, this is also the typical image of Mexico City’s dynamic and energetic, which is always filled with the sound of music and singing along.

If you and your lover have a chance to spend a few days here, please do not miss the chance to take a tour to quaint museums, watch oil paintings on the walls of the Palacio Nacional or attend the barbecue at the Zocalo. Moreover, do not miss the opportunity to take photos at the foot of the Great Pyramids of Teotihuacan and retrospective the Mexico history in Puepla Museum.

Caribbean – Paradise on Earth

Cancun, Mexico

Cancun, Mexico

It’s absolutely not a true honeymoon if there are no beaches mentioned in the journey. If you’ve seen the movie “Pirates of the Caribbean,” two of you are actually attracted by the marvelous views on the beautiful beach out of screen. One of the places with romantic beaches which attract millions of tourists is Cancun, especially the new wedding-couple coming here to join the sweet honeymoon.

Cancun is known as the Caribbean paradise with wonderful and famous beaches. That’s the reason why each year, thousands of couples spend their honeymoon in this fascinating city. This is a truly idea spot with full hotel with attentive service. Walking along the streets, two of will see a lot of fancy restaurants and street bands with clothes and traditional instruments singing all night long.

Wedding-couple come here can enjoy various way of entertainment, such as skiing, fishing, swimming, sunbathing and play Golf. Especially for those who like diving, Cancun is regarded as a paradise with crystal blue Caribbean water and the beauty of the scenic wonders of under ocean.

And there is nothing can compare to the moment when you lying with your love in beach at night, enjoying a bit cold of sea breeze and the silence of the sea.

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Chiapas – Adventure destination

Chiapas, Mexico

Chiapas, Mexico

Located in the southeast, the southernmost state of Mexico, Chiapas is a pretty compact state that is interested by many travelers by pristine lakes, rivers and national parks, fascinating and friendly Mexican pueblos. It is a mountainous area and is more favorable for couples who want to have a bit explorative trip.

Nestled in a damp rainforest near Chiapas’ northern border, Palenque is surely one of the most Charming destinations in Mexico. While the pyramid temples in this place are engraved with a unique architecture and attracts many tourists to visit and explore, the sculptures and relief art at Palenque stucco walls and statues displays the exquisite, graceful man in South America in general.

Chiapas also can be seen as a land beyond the campaign period with delicious tortillas which are made in a special way in Zinacantan only. Although there are many types of food is considered as the specialty of ancient Mexico but tortillas are an indispensable component in the diet of Mexican people in general and Chiapas people in particular. In addition, it’s hard to miss the opportunity to enjoy coffee here, by Chiapas, one of the leading coffee growing regions in Mexico. Let’s enjoy your honeymoon and save your own sweet memories in Mexico.

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