Canadian Outstanding Spots for Honeymoon and Anniversary

Canada is the second largest country in the world, only after Federal Republic of Russia. This country possesses many beautiful natural wonders. The wild-beauty island, ancient town, Nova Scotia heaven, magic falls and so on is certainly ideal destinations for your own honeymoon.

What is more wonderful if you and your beloved one spend the honeymoon in Canada to celebrate the happy memories of new-wedding-day. Hereunder some of Canadian Outstanding Spots for Honeymoon and Anniversary !

Vancouver Island


Vancouver is exciting destinations in Canadian tour. Vancouver Island is a large island in British Columbia, Canada. Wild beauty and peaceful waves along the coast actually fascinate every couple coming here. Vancouver Island is a paradise for outdoor activities such as fishing, whale watching, wildlife, golfing, visiting fruit orchards, and fields. You and your lover will have vast of chances to join in any activities here together.

Vancouver Island was voted the No. 1 spot in North America in terms of the island. It is the third beautiful in the world. Only a small area of ​​Vancouver Island, but it seems to contain all the natural beauty as clear blue coastline, mountains, lakes, rivers, streams, waterfalls, caves, pristine forests and the neighboring islands It cannot deny that Vancouver Island will create the best memories of new wedding-couples.

Nova Scotia


As an independent state, which lies among the Atlantic sea, Nova Soctia is known-as a paradise with special unique and impressive peninsula on Canada maps in general and the world in particular. Due to the geographical characteristics, Nova Scotia has mountainous terrain and valleys which have created the ideal eco-tourism for any couples.

Come to Nova Scotia, you and your half will admire the romantic river, luxury resorts and beautiful beaches along the coast of Canada. Certainly, you can create the unforgettably romantic memories with your sweet one here. Nowadays, Nova Scotia has created by itself a touring land with adventure genre, exploring, camping, resort … It welcomed tourists to visit throughout the year though the cold winter or warm summer.

Niagara Falls


Angel waterfall may be higher and wider than Victoria Falls but it can still keep Niagara Falls “crown”, which is the most famous waterfall in the world.

Niagara Falls located on the border between the United States and Canada, with a white silver cascade in the daytime is a place attracting many visitors around the world, especially the new-wedding couples. This is context of the famous actress Marilyn Monroe’s film. It is also the reason why many young people choose Niagara as the ideal destination for wedding party or honeymoon vacation. Especially, spending night in Niagara Falls, two of you can enjoy the full of wonderful view with the system of a variety of colorful lights to make the fall become fanciful and marvelous.

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Quebec- The Oldest City of The Country


Located adjacent to the romantic river St. Lawrence, Quebec is Canada’s oldest city. Just pick 400th birthday in 2008, Quebec is an architectural treasure life and is also a museum storing historical testimony European colonies in the new era. Currently, Quebec also becomes an ideal destination for many new couples who have the special love with history.

Québec City today is still preserved, that surrounds the ancient heart of the city. Québec City is famous for festivals such as Carnival winter, the New France Festival (Fête de la Nouvelle-France) jazz festival, comedy festival and film festival … castle splendid Frontenac (Château Frontenac) the river Saint-Laurent, Québec Parliament Building, Quebec Museum of Art and the Located on the outskirts of the city, Montmorency waterfalls and Sainte-Anne-de-Beaupré church are almost Québec’s best tourist attractions. Certainly, if your half is the art-holic, Quesbec is really the ideal heaven for her to discover any lanes and field of art here.

Just as Quebec City, Montreal relatively is quite peaceful with little streets, stone cottages, old harbor and the large park. Surrounding the city hall are hundreds-years-old squares, parks, fountains and statues made ​​of steel.

Day by day, the wooden carriage passenger ran through quiet stirring space. What is more meaningful if you and your half sitting on the wooden mean of transport and visit the best place in this city. The autumn sunshine is regarded as precious and typical beauty of this town.  It is really romantic for two of you to see it together. Many people around other towns and tourist come here to take a photo aimed at saving their happiest memory with the magic beauty and especial the friendly population here.

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